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Ziddi (1964)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of Asha, a strong-willed girl, who was used to having her own way, whatever the cost or inconvenience to others. Indeed, Asha had been completely spoilt by a doting father, rich owner of a tea plantation.

This is also the story of Ashok, a budding author who suddenly finds himself installed as the manager of the tea plantation, and in continuous conflict with the tempestuous Asha. Unable to get the better of this handsome youngman, Asha enlists the assistance of Majnu, a friendly elephant who is her slave. And Majnu's advent into our story forewarns of interesting events that lead to an enticing love affair.

But a gist of our story will not be complete without Mahesh, the plantation driver, who is desperately in love with the foreman's daughter Sheela. Poor Mahesh!  It is written in the stars that should be marry Sheela, it will result in the death of her father... and the foreman is still young enough of heart to think of re-marriage himself !

The story of "ZIDDI" brings many choice things. Mahendra, the kindly planter... Seema, his second daughter who is led to believe that she, too, could win Ashok for herself... Judge Saheb, Ashok's excitable father, who fears the very worst for his wayward son... and Moti, the man with a past, whose pining for his only daughter almost wrecks the lives of so many happy people.

And, above all else, the story of "ZIDDI" brings young love and haunting music, and a DYNAMIC climax that will hold you SPELLBOUND, clutching your hearts as the emotion rises to a CRESCENDO.

(From the official press booklet)