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Agnee (1988)

  • Release Date18/11/1988
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColours
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time153 mins
  • Length4700.98 meters
  • Number of Reels19 reels
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-11240-MUM
  • Certificate Date28/10/1988
  • Shooting LocationSeth Studios, Filmistan Studios, Film City, Chandivali Outdoor

AGNEE deals with the age old belief that Truth and Goodness always triumphs over Evil.

Shekhawat the only son of a millionaire, was bitterly aggrieved because his late father had willed three fourth of his wealth to his son-in-law Pramod and only one fourth to Shakhawat who was a drunkard and characterless person. Shekhawat, in order to grab the entire wealth, hatched a dangerous plot to eliminate Pramod and his new born son. Fortunately, the hand of Providence saved Pramod and his child from the murderous attack but the father and son were separated. Shekhawat believed that Pramod and his little son had been killed. Thus he assumed charge of the entire property and fabulous wealth of his late father and started living life full of vices and all sorts of shameless acts. He was a vicious and corrupt person in every department of life. He ruthlessly maltreated his wife Shobha and heartlessly tortured his helpless sister Sonali who was already a physical wreck due to loss of her husband Pramod and her newborn son.

After a lapse of twenty-five years, Pramod returned to the town and was shocked to see the funeral procession of his beloved wife Sonali. He asks a vow at the burning pyre of Sonali that he will destroy Shekhawat and his entire family for the treachery done to him.

Pramod dramatically met his son Amit who was brought up in a decent and cultured family of Vijaykumar and Sudha unaware of the fact that he was not their real son. The couple has a daughter named Ayushi. Pramod is determined to take revenge from Shekhawat and decides to reveal his identity to Amit but his soul stands in his way. The inner voice of his conscience calms him down and convinces him that for the good of his son he should forget the past. For the sake of decent and respectable life of his son he should keep his identity a secret. As destiny would have it, Pramod settled in Vijaykumar's family.

Shekhawat's only son Babla and Amit are fast friends. Babla is in love with Ayushi. Amit is in love with Tara, a daughter of prosperous businessman. Things are now moving smoothly. Pramod has adjusted with life and felt satisfied that atleast he was living close to his son. The entire family loved and respected Pramod as a senior member of the family.

On one fateful day, Shekhawat and his family came for lunch to fix up the engagement of Babla and Ayushi. After they left Pramod begged of Vijaykumar and Sudha not to send their innocent Ayushi to the house of a devil like Shekhawat. In fit of emotional anger Pramod termed Shekhawat as a rascal and murderer. Amit could not bear such insulting abuses to his friend's father and would-be father-in-law of his sister and slapped Pramod. Amit asked Pamod to get away. Heart-broken bleeding and crying Pramod left the house but did not reveal his identity. His parting words have sufficient indication to Sudha that he was the man who handed over gave Amit to her twenty-five years back.

And now comes the soul-shattering climax. Amit came to know that Pramod was his father who suffered for twenty five long years. He came to know that Sonali was his mother. He learnt that the chief destroyer of his family was Shekhawat the father of his dearest friend Babla. Blood boils in his veins. Amit was turmoil... Shekhawat, unaware of these revelations, was drinking and womanizing as usual. But end of the Satan was written on the wall. He was crushed to death by the forces of Truth and Goodness in a devastating manner.

(From the official press booklet)