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Bluff Master (1963)

  • Release Date1963
  • GenreUrdu
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time135 min
  • Length3912.05 meters
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number39153-Mumbai
  • Certificate Date20/08/1963
  • Shooting LocationMumbai

Ashok lives in a Bombay chawl, earning his keep by scamming his gullible neighbours out of their hard-earned money. His mother Jamna lives back in their village and thinks that her son has become successful in the city. When he sees an opening for a reporter in a newspaper, he swindles a camera from a shop and gets the job. As his first assignment he clicks the picture of the beautiful Seema slapping a man for harassing her. His picture causes a stir and the paper sells well as a result. The paper’s owner Jwala Prasad calls Ashok to his house to reward him. But when he goes to visit, he finds out Seema is Jwala Prasad’s niece and the real owner of the paper. Seema is infuriated at her picture being taken without her consent and fires Ashok from his job.
Seema lost her father at a young age and was raised by Jwala Prasad. But there is something mysterious about Jwala Prasad’s past, which is being used by the conniving Kumar to blackmail him. Kumar demands that Jwala Prasad arrange Seema’s marriage to him. Jwala Prasad lies to Seema that it was her dying father’s wish that she be married to Kumar. Seema has no affectionate feelings for Kumar and pretends to be interested in Ashok instead. 
Soon, the two fall in love. Ashok has lied to Seema about his lineage and past, claiming that he is from a rich family. In order to confirm his marriage to Seema, he comes to visit Jwala Prasad in disguise, pretending to be his own father. Unknown to him, his mother has come to Bombay to visit him and has been discovered by Kumar. Kumar brings his mother to Jwala Prasad’s house and reveals all his lies. His mother is stunned at Ashok’s deceptions and faints from the shock. This incident convinces Ashok that he must change his ways.
A repentant Ashok now sets out to make amends to all the people he has cheated in the past. His mother and Seema forgive him, but he is turned out of the chawl by his neighbours. One day he overhears a conversation between Jwala Prasad and Kumar that finally reveals the truth. Jwala Prasad was responsible for the death of Seema’s father and Kumar has conclusive proof of it. He hatches a plan with Seema to bring the two to justice. Seema successfully plays the two against each other and they confess to their wrong doings on tape. But Kumar kills Jwala Prasad, kidnaps Ashok’s mother and flees. He asks for a large sum of money and Ashok to confess to Jwala Prasad’s murder in return for Jamna’s safety. When Seema goes to hand over the money, Ashok sneaks up behind Kumar and a fight breaks out. Ashok is victorious in the fight and Kumar is arrested.