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Gaddaar (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

The night is dark and the time is 2 O'Clock.
Seven shadow and sinister figures approach a well guarded palace. They watch and wait. A
whispered command from the leader B.K. and Sampat, an acrobat in actual life. swarms up the sleek
walls with grace and agility Another signal and the guarding watchmen are over-powered by Mohan
and Babu, a pair of strong armed men. John, the electrician of the group, climbs on top of an electric
pole to plunge the palace into darkness. The gate to the impregnable palace is opened from inside
by Sampat with B.K., Professor and Kanhaiya storming in. The electrical grid and the tough steel of
the safe crumbles due to Professors manupulations and they escape with FORTY LAKHS, but right
into the arms of the police.
At hectic chase, in which the Group manages to escape with a wounded B.K. and in the meanwhile
Kanhaiya has skipped away by the pre-arranged route with the money bag.
Next day, they all wait for the money but Kanhaiya has actually eloped with it.
The hunt for the Traitor is on. The search leads to Raja, a young and debonair thief, who joins them
at the price of supplying information about Kanhaiya's girl friend, a cabret dancer. The information
takes them to the various teeming cities and even the burning deserts, the scorching winds and the
tireless grind of the wandering fatigue does not dater them; till Raja leads them to the hide-out of
the Traitor nestling amongst the snowy peaks of the mountains. Kanhaiya has settled down there as
a hotlier with his young daughter has settled Reshma and his child son Titto.
The vengeful and the stone faced decoits descend like a devlish storm on the isolated and snow
submurged hotel and the few residents including Kanhaiya and his family shiver with fear and tright
at this physical and emotional onslaught of the seven.
Fearing the torture of his infant son, Kanhaiya discloses the hidding place of the money, a dingy and
a cold cavern.
B.K., Professor and Kanhaiya proceed to fetch the money. The rest wait in the hotel anxiously.
The time passes.
There is not sign of B.K., his party or the treasure.
Did they reach the cave in the snow storm.
Or did they become Traitors themselves.
And for how long can the rest hold a hotel and keep safe from the Police.
Or how long can they have faith in each other.
And finally did Raja actually get his share.