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Hamara Watan (1956)

  • Release Date1956
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationFamous Cine Labs. & Studios Ltd.

HAMARA WATAN......."This is my own, my native land". Thus sang the poet on the sight of his mother land full of enthusiasm and patriotism.

But the cause of stout youngs are different. Love and adventure run through their veins. One such young was BADSHA, a happy-go-lucky and davil-may-care youth, who at the nick of time of his country rescued her from the enemies. He humbled the pride of the young Princess YASMIN whose hand he asked in marriage. The Princess repudiated him and sent a doll with a message that he deserves the doll in marriage.

BADSHA's pride was stung and he took up the challenge. He decided to take revenge upon the Princess and teach her lesson. His father restrained him but he was intent in his mission to humble the princess. He left home with this desire.

He came to the capital and fortunately got the assistance of ABU, the wanderer. Now this ABU was intently loving YASMIN, the Princess. BADSHA and ABU became chums. BADSHA took all advantage of the friendship and gullibility of

ABU to find the interview with YASMIN. And it was a case of first sight. The fell in love.

But path of lovers is not smooth. It is always strewn with thorns. The aged parents of YASMIN took objection as the King of Shoshan had asked her hand in marriage and the parents were afraid of the might of the king of Shoshan.
ABU and BADSHA did their best to stop this marriage but the fate was anything against from BADSHA.

YASMIN was sold a slave in the bazaar of Shoshan. But servants of SHOSAN  recognised her as the Princess YASMIN and was brought to the king's palace. The king flew in to rapturous glee but all was not well still. YASMIN became sick and her health went deteriorating day by day. All the doctors and hakims of the place tried their hands on the ailing Princess to cure her but it was fruitless.

At last, one day, a lunatic-looking old man came and before one can count two, a great improvement was noticed in YASMIN, and she became alright. King of Shoshan ordered to celebrate the occasion with great pomp. The dances were arranged but the king did not know that the tingling of the dancing girls would become for him the music of swords. The King was arrested.

Who was this lunatic-looking old man who cured YASMIN? Who are these dancing girls? Who married YASMIN? ABU and BADSHA? The answers to these intriguing drama will be found on the silver screen.


(From the official press booklet)