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Johny I Love You (1982)

  • Release Date1982
  • GenreAction, Romance
  • LanguageHindi

Two small time robbers Suraj Singh and Zalim Singh plan a big dacoity - but Suraj Singh's wife comes in between and the plan flops. Zalim Singh shoots her and the accusation come on Suraj Singh. Both, hunted by the Police and Zalim Singh, Suraj Singh escapes with his infant son and hides in a Church.

Father John saves his life - and Suraj Singh names his son after him - Johny. Suraj Singh gets a job in Colonel saab's estate.

Time flew. Now Jhny was young. Johny respected his father immensely and was a faithful servant of Colonel Saab, an ideal young man like Ram in every respect.

The Colonel's beautiful grand daughter Seema was in love with Johny. Johny had also soft corner for her but at no cost he wanted to deceive colonel saab with whom he and his father were employees.

As the storms of love and duty ranged in the heard of Johny - suddenly Zalim Singh appeared. Zalim Singh captured Colonel Saab's household - and cleverly sowed the seeds of hatred between Suraj and Johny. It appeared that the happiness of all has been eclipsed by Zalim Singh's large looming deadly shadow.

But the forces of darkness could not stay - the moment the sun truth was shone.

Evil was ultimately destroyed and good triumphed. Johny and all lived happily, ever after.

[From the official press booklet]