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Kahin Din Kahin Raat (1968)

  • GenreAction, Triller, Crime
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time165 mins
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-88132-MUM
  • Shooting LocationFilm Centre Bombay , Filmalya Gurudutt Studios

"I will sacrifice even my life on the scared altar of Patriotism and clear my country from it's enemies" resolved Suraj amidst Police Officers around a conference table. He then transformed himself into a professional vagabond and intercepted into the International Racket of gold smugglers that was operating in the country. He soon won the faith and confidence of the entire group. Racket bosses considered him the most dashing of all..... a unique specimen of bravery and valour. He had become so favourite that Helen, the slim and beautiful dancing damsel of the den fell in love with him. And Suraj responded passionately. He had to do so, for, he wanted to make Helen, an instrument to excavate the mystery lying beneath the palatial bungalow of the Racket Boss.

One rainy night, while escaping from a police lock-up, Suraj, incidentally, came across Poonam, his sweetheart. "So much I have loved and cherished you in my heart and soul that I can recognise you in any guise you may appear before me," she whispered and they ambraced.....and with that warm embrace the lovers lost themselves in their lovely past from the inception of their romance till the day Suraj told Poonam solemnly "Poonam,..... you are pleasant and unpleasant, agreeable and sour alike; I can't live with you and I can't live without you" and disappeared........never to be seen again till that rainy night after seven long summers. Poonam was happy and so was Suraj. But destiny had it's own terms to dictate. Poonam's dream of a happier life shattered as she came to know that Suraj was involved in a smugglers' racket and that he was no more a man of morale. Suraj was equally shocked as he had found his darling in the den of devils. Bewildered and perplexed as they were, they could not reveal the reason they got into the ring of rogues; hence they parted with a heavy heart......dejected and disappointed......perhaps never to meet again.......

Time rolled by and the day, at last, came when Suraj could apprehend Mrs. Indrani the Racket Boss. She summoned him and ordered to get gold from a plane that was due to land at a certain place. Suraj, after pumping out the information to police, proceeded on his mission........and there on that fateful site landed a plane followed by a fierce battle of a bullets between the smugglers and police. Suraj, manifesting a unique feat of bravery and valour, drove a truck amidst a ceaseless shower of gunfires and dashed it against the plane that was just about to take off. The plane exploded and got ablaze while Suraj dived out of the truck and ran to safety. To tough a fight they put up, but finally the smugglers were smashed and, right there, Suraj arrested Mrs. Indrani, the Racket Boss. He smiled and cuffed her red handed.......

But his joy and happiness as a victor was short lived, for, Poonam revealed that Mrs. Indrani was her step mother and that there was a master brain behind her and it was to his tunes Mrs. Indrani was dancing. Suraj was shocked to learn that new mystery. He, however, balanced himself and approached advocate Pran to get some solution to the clue. He could never imagine that the main culprit was none else than advocate Pran himself. Lest Mrs. Indrani should impart the acts to the police, Pran, by sheer crooked means, killed Mrs. Indrani under such curious circumstances that Suraj appeared to have committed the murder and none else. Suraj was consequently arrested. He now stood charged with culpable homicide. He had only two alternatives; either to allow the events to take their own courrse and get hanged as circumstantial evidence spoke, or, escape and trace the mysterious culprit and prove his impecability........ But what did Suraj do.....? got hanged or escaped ? What about Poonam...? And where was she, Helen..? where they silent spectators of the doom of their dearest..? or .....

See all the clues solved on the SILVER SCREEN........

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