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Khota Paisa (1958)

  • LanguageHindi

    A mother's great love and a father's immense wealth had spoiled their only son. Seth Hiramal used to call his son Moti "KHOTA PAISA". Whether Moti (Johny Walker) had earned this title on merits or was it just an ungracious label attached to him by a disgruntled father-is the subject matter of this story.

    Moti was found of only one thing-hunting. He used to hunt all the year round accompanied by his faithful and old Munim Chukka Narainam (Dhumal):

    One day the hunter was himself hunted down. In a jungle he came face with Rupa (Shyama). Moti's falling in love with her and falling down on the ground in a pleasant romantic swoon was simultaneous. When his companions found him in this and rushed back to the city-while crafty Chukka Narainam remained behind to investigate. 

    Mother's heart was torn to pieces father was also upset becaue Moti was still unconcious. At this critical stage Chukka Narainam rushed in with the information that Moti's present predicament was due to love stroke (like Sun stroke). He had the address of the girl-Roopa. To save Moti's life it became imperative that he should be married to roopa immediately. Seth Hiramal was a very rich man. He thought that the girl's father would fall at his feet in gratitude and would give his consent readily. On the contray Mr. Choudhary, Roopa's father fell at this throat. An all-in-fight ensued. Seth Hiramal lost with 5-2 against him. He reached home all bruises minus ribs.

    When Moti came to know that this father's name, his wealth and reputation had failed to get the girl he loved-he decided to renounce the Word.

     "Sanyas Zindabad". he cried. Every one persuaded him to give up the idea of self renunciation. No , He would become a Sanyasi.

    Guru Ramnath had pity on him and make him a favoured desciple.

    Some days letter he was sent to beg alms from 12 houses. Unfortunately the 3rd house was Roopa's This time Roopa fell in love with the Sanyasi. Moti's mother approached Roopa and begged her to save son.

     Roopa virtually kidnapped him from the camp of the Sanyasis. at this very movement Chukka Narainam kidnapped Guru Ramnath (by mistake-his intention was to capture Moti).

When Guru Ramnath came to know about the truth behind this misadventure he blessed the young couple whole heartedly Roopa's father also agreed to the marriage=-but-on-one condition Roops's elder sister Geeta must get married first. The condition seemed to be very simple-but it proved to be the greatest hurdle. Geeta was at Calcutta. Was betrothed to a young cashier who was inplicated in a murder and theft case. Geeta  refused to marry anyone else.

    Moti and Roops went to Calcutta to face and fight one of the worst and breathless Criminals (Ansari). With the help of the police  they succeeded in trapping the real murderer-How ?

    This part of the story is most dramatic and hilarious.




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