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Manchali (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

Leena (Leena Chandavarkar) is a headstrong lovely girl of marriageable age. Her uncle at Simla who is at once her guardian and the guardian of her estate tries to fix her marriage several times but each time Leena refuses. At last the uncle threatens Leena that if she does not marry and will not listen to her uncle she will remain deprived of her estate which her father left for her at his death.

Leena leaves Simla for Dehra Doon. At Dehra Doon Railway station she meets a clever youngman (Sanjeev Kumar) who tells her that he is unemployed and has come to work at the station in place of his uncle who is ill. Sanjeev helps Leena to find a suitable Hotel for her stay, and Leena declares for a temporary marriage with Sanjeev on the condition that he will accompany Leena to Simla as her bridegroom and will help her to get back Leena's property from her uncle and as soon as this property is handed over to Leena Sanjeev will take Rs. 25,000/- from Leena and depart for ever from Simla. Sanjeev agrees to this temporary marriage.

On arrival at Simla the couple are generously feted and feasted by uncle and his family. But Sanjeev against the terms of the contract refuses to leave Simla on one pretext of the other. Leena tries to send him off and Sanjeev adopts strange methods to stick on.

The story takes a sudden dramatic turn. What happened to Sanjeev? Whether Leena got her property or not? To unravel this thoroughly interesting and enjoyable complications you must see "Manchali" on the screen.

(From the official press booklets)