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Mehmaan (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

Some Mehmaan (guests) are honest, dutiful and considerate. Some are romantic and some are criminally dangerous. It was such a conglomeration of Mehmaan that has collected at a guest house, owned and managed by a pious 'grass' widow Santosh, inside a lake in a beautiful town of Rajasthan. She was deserted by her husband soon after marriage, because the husband, in his lust for money, had gone out to grab riches at all costs.

Meanwhile, a high and dutiful officer of the Police died while trying to arrest dangerous dacoits. On his death-bed he extracts promise from his young son Rajesh to serve the cause of his motherland in destroying the gang of anti-national dacoits and avenge the killing of his father. Rajesh takes a holiday from his romance with Sheela and leads a police party in search of the dacoits. The leader of the dacoits successfully robs a bank with the help of his hard-boiled lieutenants. At a night club, where he takes the booty from his henchmen, he disappears telling them that they would share the booty the next morning. Now the dacoit-leader is in the guest house run by Santosh. He discovers that she was his forsaken wife. Immediately, his henchmen, Police Officer Rajesh, his sweetheart Sheela and her deaf and dumb sister Meera converge on the scene, book themselves in the same guest house. The gang-leader tries to hoodwink his hirelings and pays a heavy penalty for double-crossing them. One of the criminals, with lust leaping out of his eyes, rapes the helpless deaf and dumb girl. A honeymooning couple in the guest house goes doubly eccentric because of the buffoonery of two funny waiters. In this quick-changing spectacle of crime, romance and comedy, even the holy and secular atmosphere of the guest house gets surcharged. What is more strange is the fact that Sheela suspects her sweetheart Rajesh of the heinous crime committed on her sister!

But whatever may be said against Indian films, they never glorify crime. A criminal has to pay a heavy penalty for his misdeeds. How it happens, please see it on the screen in the tempestuous, thrill-a-second, high-tempo drama that keeps you glued to your seats for two hours and a half in flittering suspense, high-voltage romance, lilting music and titillating feats of choreographic art.

(From the official press booklet)