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Satyam Shivam Sundaram (1978)

  • LanguageHindi

                                                                                                                       LOVE SUBLIME.
Roopa got up early morning before the dawn. She went to the river to take bath and clean the temple which was her second home. It was her devotional song that aroused the entire village and brought the devotees to the temple. The girl's name was Roopa. She was considered to be an unlucky girl. For though she was born on the night of Lord Krishna's birthday, she had lost mother. Later when she grew up h face got burnt in an accident. She w. cursed by her father for bringing misfortune. 

The so called ugly and unlucky girl sought refuge and peace every morning in temple. When she had grown up into a maiden, no one came forward to marry her for she did not have the looks and her father had no money for dowry. One day however her luck changed. A newly appointed Engineer on the new dam was attracted by her melodious voice.

He imagined that the girl whose voice was so beautiful must he equally beautiful to look at. Even when he met her with her ugly side of the face covered in veil, he was carried away by his imagination. So much so that after seeing her dance and sing in the village celebration, he asked for her hand. 

It was only after he had brought her home as his wife that he saw the ugly face fully. But instead of realising the truth he accused the girl to be a fraud and walked out on her. He wanted to live in the world of fantasy that his mind had created. And Roopa shocked by his reaction to ugly reality helped him to perpetuate the fantasy. But how long the truth could be hidden? When Roopa became pregnant, the husband got another shock and drove her out of the house. Roopa's father was so much taken aback by the turn of events that he died of shock. And before the truth could dawn on the husband who appeared to have lost both his wife and beloved, the fury of nature struck the village. The floods threatened the dam; the people had to evacuate the village. The mass exodus began. The engineer searched for Roopa of his fantasy and instead found Roopa whose reality he had so far denied. The truth at last 'dawned on him. And he found it even more beautiful than his flight of imagination.

(From the official press booklet)


Filmfare Awards, 1978