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The Gold Medal (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

THE GOLD MEDAL is the Story of a notorious gang which by its anti-national activities had brought our country to the brink of ruin.

During the investigation of the political murder of labour leader Acharya, Mr. David the chief of Secret Services comes to know about the existence of a dangerous gang working against the interest of the Country. 

He deputes a promising young officer of his department Gopal to enquire into the activities of this gang and establish the identity of its leader.

While Gopal was leaving no stone unturned to achieve his goal he fell victim to the plot of the gang. Thus (opal had to go underground to save himself from the police for the false charges of the murder of Bindu, the dancer of Eagle night Club.

Mr. David was fully aware of the move of the enemy and instructed Gopal to take advantage of the situation and join the gang so that he could fulfil his mission, under the pretext of saving himself from the law. 

Gopal was admitted into the gang but to be a trusted member of the gang he had to undergo a severe test and the test, in this case, was that he had to kill his own boss Mr. David.

Gopal did his job so cleverly that even the leader of the gang, Thakur Randhir singh had to admire him. 

How Gopal with stood the test? Could he reach the leader of the gang under whose directions the activities of smuggling, Hoarding, Tax evasion and other things were taking place? 
Could the anti national activities which threatened to wipe out the roots of the economics of the country be crushed? 

"THE GOLD MEDAL" provides the answers in the film.

(From the official press booklet)