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Harbans Papey

  • Died: 17 July, 1997

Harbans Papey is a music composer, choreographer and actor known for his work in Hindi and Punjabi films such as Tarzan and King Kong (1965), Chaudhary Karnail Singh (1960) and Hurricane Express (1961). 

While he featured onscreen in Yaadgaar (1970), Lafange (1975), Garam Khoon (1980) and Angrejjan (1982), he composed songs for Chaudhary Karnail Singh (1960) and Hurricane Express (1961). While Hurricane Express was directed by M H Doctor and starred Azaad Irani, Indira and Helen, the Punjabi film Chaudhary Karnail Singh was based in the pre-Partition times of India. The film was one of the earliest works of Prem Chopra, and also won a National Award, receiving the Certificate of Merit for the Best Feature Film. 

As a choreographer Harbans Pape worked on several films such as Satluj De Kande (1964), Kaajal (1965), Gunahon Ka Raaste (1970), Chhoti Bahu (1971), Taakra (1976), Ram Bharose (1977), and Do Posti (1981). 

Harbans Papey passed away on 17 July, 1997.