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Kaajal (1965)

  • LanguageHindi

"KAAJAL" is the tale of two women - Madhavi and Bhanu. One was inheritor of the indigenous cultural legacy of millennia and radiated a spiritual aura: this was Madhavi self-effacting and altruistic; the other born and brought up in the hot-house of an alien culture and was passionate and sensous this was Bhanu, self-centred and possessive.
They had one thing in common - love for Kumar Rajesh, handsome, straightforward and sincere.
Rajesh married Bhanu and fully reciprocated Madhavi's affection for him. But he could not prevent Bhanu from clashing against Madhavi.
Bhanu could understand Rajesh's feeling for Madhavi if she were his real sister or a blood relation but a platonic brotherly love for the daughter of former employee of the family was to her masquerade. She kicked up a scandal so violently that Madhavi had to jump in a lake to end the travail.
But she jumped from a frying pan into the fire. She was rescued from drowning by Moti Babu.
This mysterious happy-go-lucky man bursting into her life like a tornado swept her off as a wife and shook Rajesh and the queen-mother Ranima to the roots. He was a rake and a scoundrel and persecuted Madhavi on the score of Bhanu's scandal and blackmailed Ranima and Rajesh.
Was Madhavi sucked up in the whirlpool of misfortune? What happened to Bhanu, to Rajesh and to the Ranima at the hands of this monster?
KAAJAL gives convincing answers to these questions and portrays graphically these live characters on the chequer board of the saga of a social order desperately trying to withstand the fierce buffets of Time today.