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Gehrayee (1980)

  • Release Date1980
  • GenreHorror
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time127 mins
  • Length3605.23 metres
  • Number of Reels13
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number4696
  • Certificate Date18/09/1980

Truth, they say, is stranger than fiction ! There are a lot of things happening in India today which defy one's imagination. "GEHRAYEE" takes a look into one such happening.

'GEHRAYEE' is about a well-to-do family of four, happily settled in Bangalore. The father, a Managing Director of an Engineering firm, is authoritative and strong willed. He has a scientific mind and does not believe in religion, rituals and superstitions. The mother, on the other hand is religious, conservative, superstitious and emotionally susceptible. The son, a college going student, is very attached to his family and is extremely affectionate and highly sensitive. The daughter is a normal school going adolescent - the apple of everyone's eyes.

Into this happy household, enters a strange supernatural element which wrecks the equilibrium of the family. The main target of this mysterious phenomenon is the young innocent girl. In absolutely everyday normal circumstances, the girl gets unexpected attack and she talks and behaves in most weird manner. Her behaviour is so strange and what she says is so shocking, that the entire family is numb with fright. The father consults the best doctors available, but is the malady mental? Or is it something else? Is the girl possessed? Is it a spirit speaking through the girl? To add to the tension, strange inexplicable things also take place in the house.

The mother and son insist on calling a 'Mantrik'. How does one find a true 'Mantrik'? Won't a fake 'Mantrik' harm to the girl? How will the father, who insists on shock treatment for the girl, allow such a thing?

The crisis worsens as, in one of her spells, the girl blurts out sordid unknown details from the fathers' past. The tremendous pressures bring out the inherent weaknesses of the family members. The emotional bonds between them are broken. The son opposes the father - the wife breaks off relations with the husband.

Is there a cure for the girl? Only a strange and stirring experience can unravel the mystery of the malady. But will the family remain the same? Only a nerve shattering climax, in which the son seeks the unknown, can reveal this.

GEHRAYEE will give you an insight into this strange supernatural phenomenon. It will make you feel the emotional pangs of a happy family torn apart by this weird happening. Each moment will give you a fresh surprise and twist as you travel along the path of the unknown.

GEHRAYEE will be an experience you will never forget !



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