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Hariyali Aur Rasta (1962)

  • Release Date1962
  • GenreRomance, Musical, Drama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time159 min
  • Length4627.47 meters
  • Number of Reels17
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number72035 (Duplicate)
  • Certificate Date18/05/1973

“Hariyali Aur Rasta” (The meadows and the road) present an unusual tale of love and duty against the fascinating background of Darjeeling. 

Ramakant, the owner of Green Field Tea Estate had a heart attack. He summoned his friend Shivnath from Calcutta and deputed him as the Trustee of his plantation and other estate and the guardian of his teenage son Shankar. After making all these arrangements he died. Shivnath’s first desire was to entrust all his friend's affair to Hitendra Babu whose daughter Rita was chosen by Ramakant’s wife as the bride for Shankar just before her death. But on the advice of pleader Sharma, Shivnath takes up the delicate responsibility and manages the tea plantation with the help of the Manager Joseph Mahendra Singh Bahadur. And Shankar was looked after by joseph’s pious and dedicated wife Mary.

Along with Shivnath came his daughter Shobhna and in her company, Shankar soon forgot the loss of his father, and playing on the hills both of them grew up and their childhood friendship blossomed into a deep love. Joseph, when Shivnath did not encourage in his bad habits of drinking, spread the rumor that Shivnath wanted to swallow his dead friend’s estate by getting his daughter Shobhna married to Shankar, thus flouting the wishes of Shankar's mother. Shivnath, himself felt guilty for not warning Shobhna, and to keep up her fathers’ prestige, Shobhna's entreaties left Darjeeling for good and went to Calcutta with her father. As ill-luck would have it, the train by which Shobhana and her father traveled fell down from a bridge. Shankar could trace Shivnath but not Shobhna who he thought was dead. Shobhna, however, was saved by the boatmen, despondent and crestfallen.

Shobhana went on her own to Calcutta, changed the name to Kamala, and became a nurse finding solace in helping the suffering humanity. Forced by Mary and Shivnath Shankar married Rita with the condition that Shivnath would continue to be the trustee. But Shankar and Rita could not pull on together. Under the false pretext of social service, modernized Rita spent lavishly on dances clubs and parties. When Shivnath tried to check her, she insulted the old man. Enraged Shankar slapped her for insulting Shivnath and as a result, Shivnath left the place. Pregnant Rita also went away to her father in Calcutta. There she gave birth to a son who was christened Ramesh.

Inspite of the mother’s indifference Ramesh grew up in a father’s loving care. When he was seven, thanks to his mother’s carelessness Ramesh fell down from the stairs and was moved to the hospital where Shobhana worked as a nurse. On Shankar’s arrival, Shobhna recognized Ramesh and without disclosing her identity nursed the boy with great care. Meanwhile, during the absence of Shivnath, Joseph tried to sell Tea on the sly and his wife Mary in trying to stop the truck filled with stolen tea met with her death.

The disappearances of Shobhana and death of Mary had socked Shankar so much that he fell ill and his health was so shattered that his life itself was in danger. When this news reached Calcutta, Rita was away in Patna attending the conference of Women’s Welfare Union. But Doctor, Shobhana, and Ramesh rushed to Darjeeling. After examining Shankar, the doctor averred that only Shobhna, whose name was on Shankar’s lips, even in his unconscious condition, can be his medicine. 

Shobhana, who heard this opinion, thought whether she should disclose her identity? or leave Shankar at the door of death? Only the screen can reveal her decision and its consequences.

[from the official press booklet]