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Khara Khota (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

Raj Bahadur a rich man and elite of city had an affair with a young, beautiful, poor girl Reshma, who becomes pregnant and is left to face the consequences by herself.
Rajni, wife of R.B. comes to know about this and wants to rectify her husbands mistake by secretly helping Reshma through one man Mr. Mathur, who is kind hearted and a human first.
R.B. comes to know about the secret meeting of his wife & Mr. Mathur. Black shadows of doubt of infidelity of his wife creeps in his mind and he asks her to leave him forever.
Vishwas, young son of R.B. condemns this but mother asks him to wait and wait for the day when he can prove to his father that the blood flowing in his body is R.B's own and she goes away to commit suicide.
A wall of hatred is built-up between father and son.
R.B. falls for a greedy, sex-hungry, young girl Shalini and marries her.
Now Shalini wants to kill R.B. to get all his wealth, but Vishwas every time manages to foil all her schemes.
One day Shalini is found dead on her bed with blood all over the bed. This death is proclaimed as murder and investigation starts.
Investigating Officer Sandeep smells foul in the house only and suspects as why Vishwas, though being innocent has taken over the charge on his head?
During the course of investigations, Sandeep confirms that Vishwas is innocent and the murder was committed by someone else.
R.B. comes to know that Vishwas has taken the blame on his head because he thought that R.B. must have committed this murder.
R.B.'s heart fills with love for Vishwash and he gets him released from the jail...... and ..............then .............what........?
A question boldly answered in this movie "KHARA KHOTA".

(From the offcial press booklets)