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Mahasati Savitri (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

MAHA SATI SAVITRI was the personification of all that is best, most glorious and ideal in Indian Womanhood. So also was her friend Sati Sukanya. No wonder, therefore, that they are worshipped to-day as goddesses by everyone in general and by the young and old women in particulars.

Goddess Gayatri blessed her devotee King Ashvapati of Madra Desh with the gift of a daughter who was named Savitri. Sukanya was King Sharyati's daughter. Naradji advised King Ashvapati to let Savitri choose her husband. Sukanya wanted to join Savitir in his search but her father prevented her.

Savitri started her journey. One day she met Satyavan, a wood-cutter, in a jungle and he impressed her with his handsomeness, impeccable manners and other virtues so much that Savitri decided to marry him. Her parents opposed her decision on learning that Satyavan had but one more year to live, but Savitri stuck to her decision and was married to Satyavan. She became the ideal housewife, looked after her aged parents-in-law and also found enough time for worshiping the deities regularly.
Sukanya married the old Chyavan Rishi to atone for her sin of making him blind accidentally.

Naradji disagreed with the views of Yamaraj concerning life and death. He drew his attention to Savitri and challenged Yamaraj to prove his contention. Yamaraj accepted the challenge and asked his courtiers to spring to action immediately which made Savitri the victim of a lot of troubles.

Pleased with Sukanya's great sacrifice and the single-minded devotion and care she showered upon her old and infirm husband. Ashvanikumars restored Chyavan Rishi's eyesight and made him young and handsome too.

During the last four days of Satyavan's life, Savitri started her "Vrata" she was asked to perform, under a banyan tree for three days by Goddess Gayatri. This kept Yamaraj's courtiers at a distance from Savitri. Came the dreaded fourth day and Savitri accompanied Satyavan to help him in his work. A cobra bit him and he died. Yamaraj himself collected his soul and started return to his abode. Savitri followed him. And...........

(From the official press booklets)