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Mujrim (1958)

  • Release Date1958
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4336.69 meters
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-23642-MUM
  • Certificate Date10/02/1958

Just as the moon, even shrouded by dark clouds, retains the characteristics and qualities of a moon, so is a man indulging although in manifold evils still cannot destroy his conscience and the goodness in it.
Shanker was looked upon by the law as an evil genius.

Once in the darkness of the night, when he was being shadowed by the police, he enters a theatrical company to himself. That night in the theatre the people were waiting for the arrival of the famous writer “Anand”. Amongst these anxious waiters was the fanciest artist of theatre Uma”.

Shanker, while confronted by them, impersonates himself as Anand and thus saves himself from the clutches of the police. Shanker saves himself from the police but could not escape being attracted by Uma. After spending the night in the theatre he comes away but leaves his hearts and soul there. He resolves that he would get Uma one day.

One day it comes to be announced that noted burglar “Shanker” has died. Shanker, however, had not actually died but disguised as “Anand” was having a heyday in the theatre. His romance with “Uma” was progressing fast.

But how long! one day the police come to know of his game and Shanker is arrested on the charge of murder of the writer “Anand”. From now on in the eyes of law, he is a “Mujrim” (a Criminal).

How and in what circumstances “Anand died? what was the effect of his incident on Ums ? and what transpired with “Shanker”?


[from the official press booklet]