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Vachan (1974)

  • LanguageHindi

Tilak (Shashi Kapoor) is the leader of all the mischiefmongers of the College. Chandan (Rajendranath) is his partner They never pass. Vimi a classmate of Tilak and the only daughter of Rai Bahadur slaps him every now and then for his excessive antics.
Prem (Prem Chopra) a friend of Vimi’s childhood returns to india after a long time. He is insulted and ridiculed by Tilak and Chandan in a dance party especially thrown by Vimi in his honour This irritates Vimi and Prem more.
The College results are out. As usual, Tilak and Chandan fail, yet they bluff their parents and arrive at the Hill station where Vimi and Prem are holidaying. Here too they conspire and induce Prem to ride a horse, which has the reputation of breaking the bones of its riders. 
Prem is seriously injured. Vimi puts the entire blame on Tilak. His elder brother turns him out of the house. During the exile Tilak tastes the bitterness of life and shapes into an amiable person. He is not only welcomed back at home but also is offered a respectable job by Rai Bahadur Vimi’s heart melts. Defying Prem she starts meeting Tilak.
Before Tilak could ask her hand in marriage, Rai Bahadur meets a fatal accident. Dying, Rai Bahadur takes a promise (Vachan) from Tilak which changes the course of their lives. Vimi is compelled to marry prem.
Just a day before marriage a Cabaret dancer Suzan (Jayshree T) arrives from London. An attempt to murder her at the airport by prem and his fake father (Kamal Kapur), is fouled by Tilak and Chandan. Suzan reveals the most astonishing facts about prem the imposter and his so called father 
Tables turn at the last moment revealing another mystery about Vimi and her mother What is that mystery? To solve that one has to see VACHAN !
(From the official press booklet)