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  • Release Date1962
  • GenreRomance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time150 mins
  • Length4915.20 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-34996-MUM
  • Certificate Date24/03/1962
  • Shooting LocationR K Studios, Mohan Studios, Central Famous Kardar Studios

Aashiq... no word in the language has a nobler meaning than this one which signifies the one who loves. Because love is the noblest emotion, the one who loves, just as the one who is loved, is the noblest creature.

Aashiq is the story of Gopal, a simple light-hearted youngster who seems to live for fun and pranks. Gopal never worries about the zamindari of his father, and the burden of work falls on the willing shoulders of elder brother Pratap.

Gopal hears music everywhere, in everything- in the laughter of children, in the singing birds, in the sunrise and sunset, in the singing of the breeze in fields and woods. But nobody understands him, nor the restless search in his soul, waiting to be awakened by somebody. The somebody is Preeti, a dazzling beauty who literally dances her way into his heart. She comes to the village to attend the marriage of her relative Renka to Gopal.

Preeti brings fire, passion, understanding, and her meeting with Gopal ignites the magic flame in them. It is love sublime, for Preetises the restless search in Gopal's soul- and awakens it. She sees the great musician in the rustic youngster and teaches him how to capture the music he seems to hear everywhere, to compose songs and melodies out of them. It is an ideal association, for music discovers dance, dance captivates music, and the result is supreme unity.

But like the love of the flame for the moth, the love of Gopal and Preeti can never be consummated nor ever attain full expression, except in music. It is destined to linger forever in the shadow of Renuke, of filial love and duty. Gopal's marriage to Renuke brings about a twofold sorrow- the departure of Preeti, and the conscious shutting out of music from his now awakened soul.

Gopalreslutely lives a life without music until fate returns him to Preeti's life. It is a thrilling reunion. From then on Gopal works frantically, composing music, writing songs and poetry, creating beautiful images from the turmoil of his soul.

The shadow of Renuka and the family honour again shatters Gopal'sshorlived happiness. Nobody ever understood him and they now think the works of Preeti. In her rage, the pregnant Renuka flings wild accusations at Preeti and faints, giving birth to a baby girl.

In a delirium, Renuka drowns herself. Gopal learns the news and returns home shocked, only to be driven out by his father. The cup of Gopal's sorrow is full. If music had been the cause of happiness, it had been the source of extreme misery too. It had broken up a happy family and let destruction in its wake.
Swearing by the memory of the dead Renuke that he would give up music forever Gopal, defending himself to Preeti entreaties, burns all his compositions and rushed out into the night...........lost..........lost to all including himself.

For years, Preeti searches for Gopal in vain until one day she finds him broken in spirit and body, the walking dead. The day of redemption now dawns for Gopal and he emerges as in a miraculous rebirth, and puts his face to the rising sun of success. Preeti's dreams are fulfilled and Gopal, now turned Uday Kumar, becomes the nation's most honoured musician.

And it is at the hour of her greatest triumph that life plays its most cruel trick on Preeti. Yet so noble is her spirit that she has no tears for herself- only an infinite consideration for others.

At the height of his triumph, when Gopal returns to Preeti with the nation's honour heaped on him, he learns the lesson which life teaches all of us- that dawn must follow life's darkest hour, and that goodness, faith, integrity and hope will always triumph.

(From the official press booklet)