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Amba (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

In the highly materialistic world of today which is full of false-hood and deceit, there are still people, though very rare and unique who always stand and fight for truth, Righteousness and all that is Noble, no matter even if they have to sacrifice their own self.

"AMBA" is such a Simple, Noble, Kind-hearted and righteous woman. She was, indeed a unique creation of Goddess Durga whose Devout Sevote she was "AMBA" is her story which unique and spell-binding in every respect.

Embelished with soulful rich Music, Earthy romance, Terrifying action, Tearful and heart-rending Emotions and above film, it is a greet and memorable epic which unfolds the tale of this Great, Simple & Woman's Journey from this Earth to the lap of Eternity.