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Chhathmaiya Ki Mahima (1979)

  • Release Date1979
  • GenreMythology
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationBasant Studios Calcutta Movietone

Ramdas was a middle aged gentleman. Once this wife Meera had a dream of Goddess CHHATH MAIYA, she started to worship CHHATH MAIYA. The Sun advised by Ramdas, There after she gave birth to a baby girl after a long time. They names her Jyoti.

Kaliyug, who was against all religious functions did not like this. He decided to oppress the family inspite of Narad'stellng not to do so. Immediately Meera died. As inspired by her father Jyoti too became devotee of Goddess CHHATH MAIYA. Jyoti was growing young and Kaliyug decided to trouble her also. Hence at her young age she got married to a stupid character-less young man name Deepak. With this sorrow Ramdas left his ltst breath.

With the company of his good wife Deepak did not improve. Now Jyoti became the victim of her brother-in-law and his wifes negligence. One day Deepak stole his bhabhi's necklace. He left the house when there was a quarrel. They pounced upon Jyoti. Manohar's wife and son Gopal did not help her. One day she left the house in the name of CHHATH MAIYA after coming to know that Radha wanted to kill her, and started searching her husband, wandering here and there.

Rupa and her husband had full sympathy and love for Jyoti. One day Rupa said her besides worship of CHHATH MAIYA she must observe "VRATAS" then all her sorrows would be removed. Jyoti took vow of that. She got a son.

Here the curse of CHHATH MAIYA falls upon Manohor. His mother died. He lost all his property, his sister becomes handicap and left the house. Manohar became blind and Radha becomes victim of leprosy. His son Gopal wandered here and there for the cure of his parents. One day Narad met them in disguise of a saint and said that the whole family must appologies to Jyoti then only they will be relieved from the misery.

After observing ChhathVrataJyoti found that her husband. Kaliyug was angry again. Deepak meets a severe accident. Jyoti asked her husband's life in front of the image of CHHATH MAIYA. Due to her greatness Deepak got life. Then Manohar came there Kishori also came back. Oppressed family of Manohar asked appology from Jyoti, with Jyoti's prayer to CHHATH MAIYA she cured every one. Now Kaliyug kidnaps Jyoti's son. ChhathMaiya became furious. They started an open war. At last Kaliyug was defeated and took refuge to the three Gods. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara said him to appologies to CHHATH MAIYA and return the son and promise that he would not trouble any devotee of CHHATH MAIYA.

At last all, lived happily with the offering of homage to the Sun God.

[from the official press booklet]