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Ghar (1978)

  • LanguageHindi

Two young birds
Aarti and Vikas plunder in love. Seek and meet.
Romantic flights land them in the cosy lap of marriage.
But an ego is hurt. Vikas's father the barrister resents it.
Now the story is the roof for homeless couple.
Then its Bombay.
The tiresome search for the home.
Determination and connections pool to get them on -
the home a little heaven of love is built.
Vikas and Aarti are happy - but for how long?
A terrible quake of misfortune shakes the very foundations of the home -
cracks develop in the walls of peace the love struggles.
the faith labours.
to patch up the cracks,
to save the home,
from the seeping insecurity,
from the creeping unconfirmity
Will they do it?
Save the home the "GHAR".