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Hatyara (1977)

  • LanguageHindi

Daulat Singh was a dacoit. He robbed and looted people with his gang and his gun till one day there came a turning point in his life and there was a complete metamorphisis from a scoundrel to a saint. But society has its own way and its own code of ethics.
People who are honest enough to confess their misdoings and want to atone for their sins are time and again shunned and tabooed by society where as yet others who in reality are the cancer of society but live under a grab of fiasco are held in high esteem and worshipped as denu gods.
It was this fact partiality this curse of society that opened the eyes of Daulat Singhs young son Vijay and made him revolt against this two faced society of Bankelal, Pyarelal an Zamindar.
Law was his desire-lawlessness his destiny.
What was the out come of this revolt?
Who was right and who was wrong?
Come - see for yourself - an decide !