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Hifazat (1987)

  • Release Date1987
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time135 min
  • Length4093.07 meters
  • Number of Reels16
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number8838
  • Certificate Date14/09/1987

Raj Kumar (Anil Kapoor) was brought up by a forest ranger, who was working for Kailashnath (Ashok Kumar), the owner of a big estate. Raj Kumar once saved Kailashnath’s daughter Janki (Madhuri) who never thanked him—somehow she hated poor people and Ram was poor. Budhiram (Kader Khan) wanted his son Gulu (Gulshan Grover) to marry Janki so that he and his son can become the owners of Kailashnath estate.

But Kailashnath had promised his daughter’s hand in the childhood to his friend Satya Prakash’s (Pran) son. Satya Prakash was a marble king but was not blessed by a child—his wife Laxmi (Nutan) was worried and for the sake of an issue in the family Satya Prakash had to marry Rukmini (Bindu) Budhiram’s sister.

Soon one after the other both his wives became mothers—Rukmini and Budhiram were jealous of Satya Prakash’s elder son Raj Kumar.

Both brothers and sisters planned to kill Raj Kumar so that Rukmini’s son Lakhan (Shakti Kapoor) can rule the marble quarries their plan receded—and to get rid of Satya Prakash’s authority—Budhiram involved him in a serious offence, Satya Prakash was put behind bars, but before leaving his house for prison, Satya Prakash gave the power of attorney of his property to his first wife Laxmi.

Now, Budhiram, Rukmani, Gulshan and Lakhan all of them started to torture Laxmi. To take away Satya Prakash’s property—they began to treat her like a servant of the house, but Laxmi kept on suffering with the hope that someday her husband Satya Prakash will return and also her son Raj—then her troubles will be over.

But did she meet her husband? Did anyone—protected her from those ruthless villains?

She pleaded for ‘Hifazat’ who listened to her—her son? Or her husband?

See it and find the person who does her ‘Hifazat’.


(From the official press booklet)