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Kasam (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

Krishna, a village simpleton vows to take revenge from the evil Mahajan who has cheated him. Circumstances lead him to get entangled with Mangal Singh, the 'Sardar' of dacoits who grow poppy in their fields in a remote village inaccessible to Police and Krishna unwittingly helps him to escape from the jail.
On reaching Mangal Singh's village Krishna realizes that he is too involved in the events to just leave and more so because his heart also gets involved after meeting the Sardar's vivacious daughter Savi. The village belle totally captivates innocent Krishna and he asks for her hand in marriage. Marriage seems to be on everyone's mind including the village Barber Nathu who wants to marry beautiful milk maid Gulabo but the stumbling blocks in their marriage are Nathu's son Budhu and Gulabo's daughter Mithi who want to be husband and wife and not step brother and sister.
Everything seems perfect and idyllic when suddenly tragedy strikes the village. All the children in the village are poisoned accidently by consuming 'opium' which the dacoits grow in their land. The evil forces raise their heads and Jinda the terrible and evil dacoit who has dreams of becoming 'Sardar' rises in mutiny. Suddenly Krishna's whole world is shattered. He loses respect of the whole village and love of his beloved wife Savi. Everyone blames him and calls him a traitor. Krishna takes 'Kasam' of proving that he is their friend and not a traitor. But too many evil forces including 'Dharia' the powerful city gangster are against him.
Will Krishna finally prove his innocence to Savi, Sardar and the villagers and win back their love and respect?
Will good triumph over evil?
Will Krishna fulfill his 'kasam' to his beloved ones?

(From the official press booklets)