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Khoon Aur Paani (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the story of the age-old relationship of blood and water-a story of a feud between the feudal and the farmer.
Ram and Laxman were the two sons of a poor farmer Shankar.
Ram saw the murder of his own father at the hands of Thakur Vikram Singh merely for making use of Thakur's farm water.
Ram vows to avenge his father's death but destiny wills otherwise.
Ram an Laxman are separated from each other as well as their mother. Ram forgets his past due to this astounding calamity-a case of complete amnesia.
Now Ram is a dacoit-Thanedar Singh and Laxman a Police Officer. The Police Officer sometimes disguises as a city-gangster Rocky and sometimes as a notorious dacoit Raaka.
Thanedar Singh falls in love with a dancing girl.
Rakesh falls in love with Reeta - a booty-hunting girl.
The story of the mother is a sequel of the most pathetic suffering of tragic and broken women plodding through life with the undaunted courage and faith of an Indian mother - Awaiting the great reunion with her children.
A savage duel ensures between Rakesh disguised as Raaka and Thanedar Singh which revives the lost memory of Ram.
Now Ram has only one goal and that is to kill Vikram Singh.
Poor Ram he can't call out to his mother, nor can he call out to his brother.
It's the pinacle of patience. There are tears of blood.
Now Ram and Laxman who have met their mother are after Vikram Singh. The shrewd Vikram Singh outwits and traps all of them before they could reach him.
Could Ram meet Laxman? Did the mother meet Ram?
Did Ram meet Laxman? Did the mother meet Ram?
Did Ram avenge the death of his father, whose blood was swept in winter?

(From the official press booklets)