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Ladaai (1989)

  • GenreAction, Crime, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length4453.03 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-12907-MUM
  • Certificate Date05/10/1989
  • Shooting LocationColour

Shakuntala Devi Verma's (REKHA) dream had come true - her dream of being a judge was her biggest AMBITION and it was fulfilled.

On the very same day at the Central Jail, Dindayal Sharma (Mithun Chakraborty) was set free after completing his life imprisonment. Dindayal confronts Shakuntala and accuses her for giving him life imprisonment for the murder he never committed. To prove himself innocent he guns himself and dies in front of Shakuntala, repeating that "A DYING MAN NEVER TELLS A LIE" - Shakuntala is STUNNED. 

Shakuntala feels haunted on Dindayal's suicide - She feels guilty for a man whose wife not would be widow and children orphan. She resigns for the post of judge - she decides to find out Deendayal's family and their whereabouts.

Billo (Dimple Kapadia) a DHABA owner leads a happy-go-lucky life and loves Shera (Mithun). During the fight Shakuntala spots Shera - Shakuntala sees Dindayal in him. Shakuntala tempts Shera with money & hires him to trace Peter (Gulshan Grover), Radheshyam (Satish Shah) & Nisar Khan (Amritpal) who were witnesses for getting sentence for Dindayal. Shakuntala gives three photos of Peter, Radheshyam & Nisar Khan. Billo identifies the three photos as they are Amar's (Aditya Pancholi) Boss - Shera decides to meet Amar.

Amar is in love with Geeta (Mandakini) - on way home Shera confronts Amar and tells him to take him to these three witnesses. Peter, Radheshyam & Nisar Khan are surprised when Amar tells them about Shera looking out for them. They decide to meet Shera. All three are shocked meeting Shea as he resembles Dindayal-they shoot at Shera who escapes. Shera comes back to Shakuntala and leaves the job taken. Peter, Radheshyam & Nisar Khan now afraid of Shera decide to eliminate Amar fearing that Shera could reach to them through him.  In the action Amar is injured & unconscious when Shera comes to his rescue & saves Amar. Shera joins Amar to meet his mother who was lodged in an Asylum. In the hospital Shanti (Rohini Hatangadhi) who was like vegetable reacts on seeing Shera and her memory starts recollecting- She sees her husband in Shera - Shanti tells Shera he is her lost son but Shera refuses to accept - Amar is also surprised - Shanti tells Shera to take her to Shakuntala's house as she would be able to tell her the whereabouts of her husband Dindayal.

In the meantime, Peter tried to find out from Durga about Shera - Durga who is injured reaches Shakuntala's house where she confirms to Shanti that Shera was also his son & dies. Shera and Amar have realised that they were brothers and their father was wrongly roped for murder which he never committed. Shakuntala, Shera & Amar are now on lookout for the actual man responsible.

Peter, Radheshyam & Nisar Khan want to inform their Boss about Shera Shera - D.D.N. (Anupam Kher) who is their Boss was none else but the brother-in-law of Shakuntala - her sister Shashi (Archana Puransingh) was married to D.D.N.

Shakuntala with her intelligence is successful in reaching Radheshyam & Nisar Khan and warns them that Dindayal is out of the Jail and surely will reach them and they should be careful. Shera is disguise of Dindayal warns them on the phone to count their days.

D.D.N. now realises that his henchman Peter, Radheshyam & Nisar Khan may come weak before Shera, he appoints Robert to remove them. Before Shera, Amar & Billo could reach Radheshyam, he is murdered by Robert-Peter & Nisar Khan are upset and they come to Shakuntala for help-Peter & Nisar Khan decide to inform D.D.N. about Radheshyam - Amar over hears them - Peter is second target of Robert - Shakuntala learns that Robert is now on move for Nisar Khan.

Billo has a dance programme in a club & keeps Nisar Khan busy before Robert could reach club. Shakuntala takes Robert at a gun point - Shera (as Dindayal) hit Nisar Khan & forces him to take to D.D.N. - At the island Shera is shocked on seeing D.D.N. is none other than Dinanath (husband of Shashi) - D.D.N. narrates Shera how he involved his father in the murder charge of Sunderdas - and trapped him (Dindayal) and tells him that he will also not be spared - Shera escapes and comes to Shakuntala to expose D.D.N. but D.D.N. is still smarter reaches Shakuntala's house as Dinanath and family is happy to see him alive - Shera is spellbound-

Will Shakuntala now save her brother-in-law or fight to bring back Justice for Shera? It is a conflict and Justice at war. Who wins JUSTICE or Relationship see at on the Silver Screen.

(From the official press booklet)



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