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Man Mandir (1971)

  • LanguageHindi

Honesty and Nobility bear the sweetest fruits on Earth.

Deepak is an honest TAXI DRIVER, living in a small home along with his only sister Laxmi, happy and contented life.

To share other people's grief and help them in distress is to MOTTO of his life.

FATE one day rewards him handsomely for his good deeds. He is married to KRISHNA, a simple good natured girl who makes Deepak's home a 'HEAVEN on EARTH.'

Looking after his small happy family, Deepak feels richer with all the wealth of happiness he can ever desire.

His honesty, simplicity and nobility of heart are instrumental in his meeting Seth Shamlal, a city jeweller and the Seth impressed by him and his goodness finalises his son, Dr.

Shanker's marriage with Deepak's sister Laxmi.

At this stage, Deepak's life takes a sudden turn-fate plays a cruel trick with him. He is separated from Krishna, Laxmi runs away from home and he is left alone in the world, with his new born child. He starts on the long journey of life with a heavy heart full of fond memories of the past. He has flowers of worship but the Goddess from the TEMPLE of his HEART is away - far away from him. A thousand and one obstacles in the path of this noble man Why? How!

Was Nobility rewarded? Had he loved and lost! But there is never any end when one has loved! Wait till you see "MAN MANDIR".

(From the official press booklets)