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Amiri Garibi (1990)

  • Release Date1990
  • GenreRomance, Drama
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time155 mins
  • Length4438 meters
  • Number of Reels17
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Certificate Date15/03/1990
  • Shooting LocationMehboob Studios, Seth Studios, Filmalaya Studios, Film City, Natraj Studios, Chandivali Studio.

Narayandaswa a poor, but proud and honourable man staying in a small village. He prefers poverty than disgraced wealth. Once under unavoidable circumstances all his family's Jewelleries mortgaged with a money lender. On the occasion of RAKSHA BANDHAN, his son Heera goes to moneylender to get back the Jewellery, but cunny moneylender accused Heera for robbing the jewllery from him and get arrested Heera. This incident angers Narayandas very much an disowned his son.

Kedarnath a childhood friend of Narayandas, now millionaire settled in the city with his wife Sheela, son Rajesh and daughters Jyoti and Pinky. One day he visited to the village on the pretext of wedding, there he meets his friend Narayandas and his beautiful, cultured daughter Rani. He is impressed and asked her hand in marriage to his son Rajesh. But Rajesh refused to marry Rani. Under compulsion Rajesh marry Rani, but except Kedarnath no one treat her as a family memebr.

Heera, who had come to the city after being disowned by his father, without any job, choose a path of violence and savior for poor. On one such occasion he saves Sona a courtesan, from the clutches of a wicked man Shersingh. Sona falls in love with Heera, but he does not reciprocate her love.

Deepak is a happy-go-lucky rickshaw driver lives in a village, learned that he and Jyoti had married in their childhood, later their families had been separate. One day his mother unexpectedly meets Sheela, inquire about her daughter-in-law Jyoti. Sheela laughs and tells her that was a children's play and hold no relevance now. She also tells her that now there is no comparison between her daughter and Deepak. On hearing this Deepak upset and promise his mother to bring her daughter-in-law to the house. Now Jyoti also want to go with Deepak inspite of her mother's objection.

There Narayandas's wife passes away and here Kedarnath also dies, leaving Rani all alone. Rajesh never accepted her as his wife. He is mad after Sona who is deeply involves with Heera. After Kedarnath's death, Sheela throws Rani out by force. When Narayandas goes to Rajesh, he threatens to divorce Rani. Now the only hope for broken hearted Narayandas, is Heera. When Heera realise the plight of his sister, he goes to Sheela and Rajesh begs them to take back his sister, but they insulted him. Heer finds out from Rani, it is Sona who was responsible for her misery. Heera begs Sona informed him she does not have any relationshp with Rajesh, and promised to help Rani.

With the help of Deepak, Sona succeed inchanging Sheela, who is now agrees to bring back Rani. Sheela reach the village, Rani refuse to come unless Rajesh himself comes to take her. Hearing his Heera goes to Rajesh, persuation fails, Heera whips out a pistol and force Rajesh to come with him.

Does Rajesh accept his loyal wife?

Does Sona get Heera?

Does Narayandasrecognise the true virtue of his son?

Does parity of rich and poor still lingers?

For all these, your see on screen "AMIRI GARIBI".



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