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Aradhana (1969)

  • LanguageHindi

"ARADHANA" tells the story of a simple girl who dedicates her life in rearing up her son as the very image of his father, a true embodiment of the courage and valour of an Indian Air Force Pilot.

On completion of her studies Vandana, the daughter of a doctor returns to her home town. Arun, a smart and bold air force pilot comes in her life. Intimacy blossoms into sacred love and they marry secretly in a temple, the priest being the solidary soul to witness the union. Vandana finds bearing Arun's child in herself.

Arun hastens to get his dear and near ones for celebrating the marriage socially.

Inscrutable are the ways of nature-meanwhile Arun gets involved into an air crash and dies in an Army Hospital- Vandana remained by the bed side till the end.

Now the real Aradhana begins- the vissiicitudes of life toss her hither and thither- but at no stage she falters from her aim- to rear up the child to become an air force pilot, the eternal wish of her late husband.

The path of her young life is strewn with petals of roses and thorns- smiles and tears- the rest of the story unfolds itself on the silver screen.