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Faraar (1975)

  • Release Date1975
  • GenreAction, Crime, Drama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time136 min
  • Length3931.91 meters
  • Number of Reels14
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number79567
  • Certificate Date11/11/1975
  • Shooting LocationFilmistan Studio, Filmalaya Studio, K. Asif Studio, Natraj Studio, Hotel Horizon, Baikunth, Essel Studio

Like an avalanche that passes through for a few moments and defaces the very existence of picturesque valley, a single incident in a day’s moment can change human life to a drastic measure. Such happens in the life of the artist; Raj, whose sister was murdered on the similar date by a sex maniac, who having failed in attempt to rape her, kills her…The killer is declared not guilty by law made by man. While Raj’s every effort to secure justice fails; he vows to avenge the murderer of his beloved sister and chasing in a mad-hunt he murders the culprit in the temple and this changes Raj from a painter to a killer but Raj feels that ‘God’ has delivered the right judgment at his hands and he decides not to surrender to the law; he chooses the residence of a Police Officer Sanjay for shelter where none would doubt his presence and he holds Sanjay’s son as a hostage and Sanjay is helpless to effect the arrest of the killer.

Mala, Sanjay’s wife once beloved of Raj, recognizes him, it baffles her that the same Raj who had once saved her life has now arrived to put her life into jeopardy and she fails to understand Raj; who has always been kind and loving towards others could ever be that harsh and cruel!!

Bobby in his attempt to free himself is slapped by Raj. Bobby starts crying with tears in his eyes. Raj repents for his act and tears roll down his cheeks also…These tears bind Bobby and Raj in a strong human bondage.

One day Raj allows Bobby to go to school to participate in competition and Bobby promises him to come back to show the winning prize before showing it to anyone.

When Sanjay comes to know that Bobby has gone to school he phones Mala to come out of the house so that he can get Raj arrested…..Sanjay gets suspicious when Mala does not come; he feels that Raj may hold Mala as hostage; he plans to take Raj’s mother along with him to pay Raj back in his own coin.

When Sanjay reaches Raj’s house he is shocked to see Mala’s paintings there and he comes to know Mala his wife is none but one time fiancée of Raj! Very distressed, very disturbed he leaves. Sanjay and Raj stand at cross-roads of such emotional drama.

What happens then? Can Raj be so ruthless to forget his real self? Can Mala betray her husband’s feelings or else betray her lover….Does Raj break the peace of Mala’s matrimonial life? or Raj is shit dead by the hungry bullets of Sanjay.

You will find a breath taking answer to all the sequences in Alankar Chitra’s ‘FARAAR’


(From the official press booklet)



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