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Kala Dhanda Goray Log (1986)

  • Release Date19/05/1986
  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length0 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Censor Certificate NumberUA-146-MUM
  • Certificate Date19/05/1986

Gowrishankar a righteous-man, is an eye-witness to the murder of an honest customs officer Sudarshan Kumar who dared to defy the mighty evil empire of coccaine smugglers called "SHANGRILLLA". Gowrishankar reports the matter to the police determined to expose the identity of the killers, inspite of threats to his family's life.

Gowrishankar is implicated in a false theft-charge, his wife dies out of shock when the police brutally raid her house and the stolen money is discovered there.

Gowrishankar is thrown in jail, his son and daughter are kidnapped. Gowrishankar is mysteriously bailed out and continues the search for his children. The evil organisation kills the little boy and throws his body on the streets from a truck in front of Gowrishankar. Gowrishankar a shattered man swears revenge.

The two young sons Raja and Ramu of Sudarshan Kumar are rendered homeless by the same organisation. Raja and Ramu are separated one stormy night. Gowrishankar's daughter Puja has been brought up by Jethia's wife, who is the king pin of the evil coccaine empire.

Ramu meets Puja and they fall in love. Raja is now hunting for the smugglers who killed his father. Jethia's and Raja's first encounter is unique. Raja dupes Jethia out of Rs. 8 crores worth of diamonds.

Gowrishankar has now also taken the grab of a very big smuggling Don, assumes a new name, Michael, searching for his Daughter, his only goal.

Raja thinks Michael to be a smuggler and sets a trap. Before they could kill each other, Michael discovers Raja is the son of Sudarshan Kumar who had died on his lap. Raja is touched by this and they join hands to search for the killers. Raja's beloved Sandhya lives in the same Basti as Ramu, Raja's younger brother. The brothers do not recognise each other.

Ramu picks up a fight with Raja accusing him of having bad intentions on Sandhya. This meeting is memorable.

The mighty evil empire of Coccaine smuggling "Shangrilla" headed by Jethia try to persuade Michael to join hands in the Coccaine business. Michael refuses, Jethia orders assassination of Michael, at the Dargah where Michael visits every Thursday.

The eventual showdown between Gowrishankar, Raja and Ramu against Jethia and the evil king Jabba who is Gowrishankar's ally in the mountains of Ladakh makes this memorable and thrilling movie.

(From the official press booklets)

(From The Offical Press Booklets)



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