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Khoon Khoon (1973)

  • LanguageHindi

This is the thrilling story of a man-hunt undertaken by the police to nab a killer and restore confidence in the panicked populace of a whole city.
It is a daring depiction of the dramatic confrontation between a murder maniac and the police and of the eventual success of the limbs of law and order in their heroic fight against an inhuman criminal.
It is the story of a maniac, who, not being satisfied with mere killings, sets a price on the head of his victims and demands a huge ransom from the police, who initially refuse to comply but in the end submit in order to prevent loss of innocent life.
The commissioner of police asks inspector Anand to meet the killer and hand over the ransom money. When the two meet, there is a fight in which both are wounded.
The killer escapes and manages to elude the long arm of the law. After his wound heals, he kidnaps a bus-load of school children and again asks the police to pay ransom money. This time the commissioner of police takes charge of the case and decides to meet the killer himself.
What happens thereafter provides for a thrilling climax which needs to be seen on the screen rather than described in words.

(From the official press booklets)