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Mahaan (1983)

  • LanguageHindi

Law wizard Amit and trader Vikram were childhood friends but when it came to defending Vikram in court for a drug peddling offense the friendship came to an end. The honest lawyer Amit saw to it that Vikram was punished for his crime. Vikram swore revenge in his heart against Amit. Amit now happily married to Janki was expecting his first born when Vikram returned from jail only to frame Amit in the murder of his own partner. The law man Amit had no other alternative than to run from law. During his escape to safety he was separated from his wife Janki whom he took for dead.

Janki gave birth to a child in a nursing home and named the child Shanker.

Amit reached Khatmandu only to save the kidnapping of little Manju from Simon. Manju's father a rich estate owner died leaving all his wealth and the little daughter for Amit to look after.

Shanker grew up to become an angry police officer under the care of Janki. Manju came to Delhi and got involved romantically with Shanker. Shenker decided to reopen the case on the missing Amit and hence reached Khatmandu to confront Amit.

Guru who had great ambitions of making it big on the stage took up the challenge of taming and marrying Rita the spoilt daughter of a rich Dadaji in Khatmandu.  He reached Khatmandu and after a battle of witts managed to win the heart of Rita.

Vikram now had and organized underworld of his own with his son and Simon he stole the multimillion rupee necklace of a maharani, the police soon got active. The necklace on the other hand was travelling in the luggage of Inspector Shanker and it reached the house of Amit in Kathmandu.
Vikram got sense of Amit being alive, Janki running from Vikram's men ran into Guru and took him to be Shanker as he was the look alike of Shanker.
Inspector Shanker challenged Amit as a wanted criminal.

Did Shanker prove Amit guilty? Were Shanker and Guru brothers? Did Janki unite with her husband? How did Vikram pay for his crimes?
All these answers in the most entertaining saga of the silver screen in SATYA CHITRA INTERNATIONAL'S 'MAHAAN'.

(From the official press booklets)