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Saajan Ki Saheli (1980)

  • GenreFamily, Drama
  • FormatColours
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3717.79 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-94978-MUM
  • Certificate Date27/11/1980

Mun Mun, an innocent child was disowned by her own mother soon after her birth. A noble soul, Champa brought the child up. But today Champa died revealing a bitter truth that she is not the real mother of Mun Mun and she was borne to Kunti before Kunti married Avinash Kumar.

Mun Mun's father was Anil Dhawan a simple soul who is also a poet. Although he wanted to marry Kunti but failed. Kunti was always dreaming to marry a richman who can give her all comforts in life and everything under the sun. A frustrated Anil later commits suicide. 

Incidently Mun Mun happens to meet Anand a singer and poet and falls in love with him. He is an artist and both work on stage. One day barrister Avinash Kumar (Kunti's husband) witnesses a stage performance by Mun Mun and was very pleased by Mun Mun's performance and congratulates her. Later he invites her for dinner and goes to his house where she was surprised and shocked to find that Kunti, barrister Avinash Kumar's wife was none other than her own mother. But she keeps quiet. 

She decides to teach a lesson to her mother and to begin with she becomes the girl friend of Avinash Kumar. Avinash Kumar came to know about Kunti's past. Anand was too shocked to know about Mun Mun's affair with Avinash. Kunti was furious and all out to kill her SAAJAN KI SAHELI. 

Could barrister Avinash Kumar forgive Kunti? 

Did Kunti know the girl who is in love with her husband is her own daughter?

SAAJAN KI SAHELI is the answer to all these intriguing questions.

(From the official press booklet)