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Sarfarosh (1985)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time159 min
  • Length4527.06 meters
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingUA
  • Censor Certificate Number066
  • Certificate Date02/03/1985

The country was reeling and suffering under the oppression of the British Tyranny and torture was the rule of the day. When tyranny reached the limits of toleration there came among the people a revolutionary, Jwala Singh—(Jeetendra). He has inspired a number of other men to fight back. The British were worried. Jwala Singh gave them sleepless nights, shook them up. They encouraged traitors in the country to tackle Jwala Singh. In the meanwhile, Jwala saves Sita (Leena Chandavarkar) from the clutches of some rapists, falls in love with her and marries her. Sita lived in an ashram run by Baba (Pran). The traitors get active again. Three of them, Kadar Khan, Prem Chopra and Ranjeet join hands and get Jwala Singh’s mother (Nirupa Roy) hanged. Jwala listens to the call of his mother and Mother India. He leaves Sita and home to start a new fight. He is arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment in the Andaman islands.

Sita is pregnant. She leaves the Ashram. Raja Raghuraj Singh is a patriot and revolutionary who is also in jail but he has a treasure hidden away somewhere, a treasure to help the Nation. The enemy sends Kadar, Prem and Ranjeet to Andaman to find the secrets about the treasure. The three try to help the Raja who is sick. He falls into their trap. He tells them the secret. They kill him and put the blame on Jwala Singh. India wins freedom but Jwala Singh, the patriot, is still in jail, a branded murderer and traitor.

Time passes and the gang of three become seasoned criminals. They become the greatest enemies of the country. Jwala’s son Suraj Singh (Jeetendra) becomes a brave young police officer. The others grow old. Suraj falls in love with Kadar Khan’s daughter, Vijaya (Sridevi). Crime grows. Suraj makes it his solemn duty to expose the underworld. Jwala Singh is released. He looks for his Sita. He is still considered a criminal—even by Sita and Suraj. They don’t know his relationship with them. Jwala swears to put an end to the three criminals and restore his honour. Jwala and Suraj come face to face in a confrontation. Whether the nobility of Jwala Singh was proved—Were the traitors punished?

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(From the official press booklet)