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Darpan (1970)

  • Release Date1970
  • GenreDrama, Family
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time140 mins
  • Length4320.00 metres
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number65103
  • Certificate Date04/03/1970
  • Shooting LocationPrasad - Vauhini

Madhvi, a young college going girl was living a comfortable life mainly because her windowed mother had more affection in her bosom than the money in her purse.

As all good things must have an end, Madhvi's mother was suddenly struck by a heart ailment. Madhvi wanted to do everything in the power of Human beings to give her the Best possible treatment, but her poverty blocked her way at every step.

Then came Dr. Jaidev an angel in Human garb, who spared neither effort nor monetary help in the treatment of the widow.

Came the fateful night, that saw the Big struggle between life and death; Dr. decided to keep an all night vigil. By midnight the crisis was over and, somewhat relaxed, Dr. & Madhvi fell in the lap of sweet slumber. An incidental touching of hands turned the mutual sympathy and admiration into an all consuming passion and the Dr. crossing the forbidden path collected the sacred flower.

The morning saw the Old lady on the road to recovery but only to live long enough to have a peep into the soul of her daughter where a deep sense of shame came to live; the Mother died of shock.

A greater shock was in store for Madhvi who found that she was to become mother herself. Jaidev, when confronted with the facts, expressed his helplessness as he was already married. He could be punished for his Sin but not his family.

Madhvi gave birth to a baby girl who was duly adopted by Jaidev and his wife, while Madhvi was left alone to fight battles of life. She found it impossible to earn an honourable living in this Man's world with more Wolves than Men.

Saved by an elderly lady from her attempted suicide Madhvi was struck by the kindness of the lady and her striking resemblance with her own dead mother.

Madhvi became a prominently helpful inmate of the Vigilance Home for fallen women where the old lady was the Matron-in charge. Her inborn talent for singing made her a popular Radio artist. 

Attracted by her soulful voice and struck by her beauty, Prof. Balraj Dutt, proposed for her hand in Holy wedlock. Madhvi declined because of her past. Persistent attention of Balraj and the strong persuasion of the matron, who saw in this a happy example for other inmates of the Home, broke down Madhvi's resistance.

Flying on the wings of happiness, Madhvi arrived at her husband's home. She met all her inlaws including Balraj's elder brother; He was none other than Dr. Jaidev in person.

Madhvi stood on the torturous No-woman's land between the Holy wedlock and the Unholy alliance. What followed is the story of 'DARPAN'.

[from the official press booklet]