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Hisaab Khoon Ka (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

Suraj    Who renounced the bindings and restrictions of a grand Palace Life in order to enjoy the open wastness of nature.
Annu    A budding lively and zestful belle who blossomed under the showers of Suraj's Love.
Preet    Who converted her defeat into victory
Rajesh    Who conceived a charming nest filled with hopes and ecstasies, but his dreams were shattered before turning into reality And likewise Suraj had to convert the pyre of his Love into an inferno with his own hands. But like a bolt from the blue Suraj heard a pathetic voice arising from the smoke of the inferno. "The voice of Death" coated with a Sweet melody. Upon hearing this melody the hair of the culprits stood on ends. They tried to escape this melody with diabolical speed. But the melody of death followed them unto death.
    Who was responsible for all this. To know you must see the presentation of ANSHU PRERNA FILMS' HISAAB KHOON KA.