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Majboor (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

This is a story of girl who did not compromise with her circumstances. She waged a relentless war with the evil forces and finally got her rightful happiness.

This is a story of a child who didn't get the affection of parents inspite of living with them.

This is a story of two brothers in whose life the villains were able to make a crack in their affections.

This is your story and the story of your family.

Dinanath's (Ashok Kumar) family was a well to do and a happy family. One day his eldest son Ravi (Jeetendra) brought a helpless girl Sharda (Jaya Pradha) for rehabilitation in the family. Ravi's brother Sunil (Sunny Deol) who is Police Inspector, his mother Janaki (Seema Deo) and the orphan girl Jyoti (mini Tabassum) welcomed Sharda heartily - Circumstance led Ravi and Sharda to the Marriage (BEDI)". But at the nick of the moment Janakidas (Shakti Kapoor) came and claimed that Sharda was his wife. He produced marriage photographs to substantiate his claim. A pall of gloom descended on the otherwise happy occasion. Dinanath could not bear this shock and died then and there.

Kishanchand (Prem Chopra) played a key role in this conspiracy. Kishanchand wanted his son Teja (Tej Sapru) to wed Priya (Farha) daughter of a great miser Teliram (Kader Khan). But Priya was in love with Sunil.

Kishanchand extended his tentacles - He manouvered to slap a murder charge on Ravi-Ravi's younger brother had to put the handcuffs on the elder brothers wrists - Jankidas availed this opportunity to grab Sharda.

How Ravi escaped from the murder charge?

Could Jyoti ultimately find her parents?

Could Jankidas grab Sharda?

Answer to all these questions have been given in the film "MAJBOOR" in a very thrilling and dramatic way.

Not only that...How the twin brother of Teliram, whose name is Chameliram teased his miser brother and grabbed his wealth and above all you will be rolling with laughter after seeing the constant tiffs between the Chameliram and Hawaldar Bagmare (Asrani) throughout the film.

(From the official press booklets)