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Mera Naam Joker (1970)

  • LanguageHindi

Mera Naam Joker... This magic name which blazons a new concept of magnificent film entertainment both in India and abroad, is the lifetime's dream of that fabulous showman, Raj Kapoor.

In this amazing spectacle of the Clown who made the world laugh while secretly brushing away the tears from his own eyes, India's greatest film-maker steps forth more flamboyantly than ever before to achieve the impossible on celluloid.

Here is the sensitive boyhood of Joker, the school-teacher who was his secret love, the man she married, who spelled out to the boy the philosophy of the Joker.

Here is the son of the great circus Clown whose mother dies in a ring-side seat while witnessing the Clown's hilarious performance. Here is a breathtakingly beautiful Soviet Circus trapeze-queen, whom the Clown loves. Here are the world-famous Soviet Circus acrobats, clowns and animals doing their daredevil stunts shoulder-to-shoulder with India's famous Gemini Circus. 

Here is the lonely showman who picks up a street waif and makes her a famous movie actress, losing his heart to her and losing her to a big actor-producer.

Here is every conceivable form of entertainment, from the grubby glee of the 'footpath circus' to the glamorous glitter of the movie world. Here is a fabulous world of fun, laughter, tears, love, faith, danger, excitement, sorrow, tears, all crammed into one glorious saga of life as seen through the world of entertainment and entertainers.

Now on the threshold of release, Raj Kapoor's most ambitious motion-picture project was five years in the making. Produced in more than one part, as more than one full-length motion picture, each part costing over a crore of rupees, the film is in Technicolor.

(From the official press booklet)


National Film Awards, 1970

Filmfare Awards, 1970