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Coolie (1983)

  • Release Date1983
  • GenreDrama, Action
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time169 mins
  • Gauge35mm
  • Censor RatingU/A
  • Shooting LocationRajkamal Kalamandir, RR Studios, Kamalistan, Film City, Chandivali, Natraj & Ranjeet Studios

This is the story of Iqbal the coolie. He was separated from his parents in his childhood. Zaffar after returning from a long term in jail learned that Salma's father had got her married to a mechanic working at the dam. Zaffar killed Salma's father in rage and approached Salma only to be turned out.

Zaffar decided to kill Salma's husband. In his bid he busted the dam killing hundreds of others. The fury of the water swept the neighbouring villages. Salma and little Iqbal got separated. Iqbal was given love and shelter by coolie Maruti who had lost his son and wife in the floods. Zaffar succeeded in possessing Salma but in what condition? She had lost her voice and memory. On medical advice he picked up Sunny from an orphanage and gave him to Salma for consolation.

Iqbal started growing on the railway platform vending newspapers. Sunny and his girlfriend got separated in school as Sunny was going to London with his parents.

Iqbal grew up as the leader of the coolies and when Oberoi punished an innocent coolie, Iqbal declared strike.
Iqbal met Julie, a rich heiress, and instantly fell in love, but soon his love turned into hatred when he learnt that she had double crossed poor coolies by promising them cheap housing. Iqbal kidnapped Julie. Julie realised the position and cleared her position.

Sunny grew up to be a drunken journalist. Sunny and Iqbal met and soon became best friends. In a bid to expose a chit fund Sunny realized that his own father Zaffar was behind the scandal. Sunny also learnt that Iqbal was the son of his mother Salma.

Iqbal tried to meet Salma in vain as she had lost her memory.

Iqbal as the champion of the masses was pressed to stand in the elections against Zaffar. Zaffar tried to every possible method to liquidate Iqbal.

Julie had one hitch in marrying Iqbal, her vendetta against the person who had killed her father. Who was he?

Did Iqbal and his mother unite?
Did Sunny and his childhood girlfriend meet?
What happened to Iqbal's elections?
Was Zaffar punished for his dirty deeds?

For answers-see M.K.D. FILMS COMBINE'S "COOLIE"

[from the official press booklet]