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Karmayogi (1978)

  • LanguageHindi

"Act and aspire not for a fruit".
"What else then to aspire for? Death?"
"Who will enjoy the fruit if it comes after death?"
No, this thesis was not acceptable to Shanker. The Geeta's philosophy of 'detached action' was nothing more than an impracticable, pious nonsense for him. He just wanted the instant result of his actions. He neither had time nor patience enough to wait for the results etc.
Once upon a time, he was as noble, pious and charitable as his wife Durga; but he turned a total die-hard athiest when he was exploited selfishly and ostracised by his own kith and kin. An adverse reaction started in him. Now he cherished only one thing in life: Money!....Money!...Money...." Money became his sole burning passion and obsession.
But Shanker's wife Durga was of different mould altogether. She was kind, noble, virtuous and an unfaltering devotee of the Geeta. Having an unabiding faith in the ordains of Destiny, she believed firmly that man has right only to action and not to the fruit thereof. As a dedicated wife, she made every possible effort to reclaim Shanker, but he remained obstinately glued to the path of evil.
Thus the gulf widened between them and one day he left the house along with his son Mohan to lead a life anew. He even shunned his pregnant wife Durga without any wherewithal. He wanted to own nothing, possess nothing except money... infinite wealth - the only channel through which he could possess power, pelf and position to his heart's content.
With Shanker's departure, Durga was left in extremely difficult straits. She had even to leave her house, her last refuge, in order to pay off the debts of her husband. She lost all... yet not the courage... nor her faith "which kills suffering at its source and removes the roots of error..." Without seeking charity or help from anybody, she worked hard and sincerely and thus brought up her son 
Ajay according to the dictates of truth and virtue.
Shanker, in pursuit of power and pelf, joined hands with a notorious smuggler. By the time Mohan grew into a sturdy young man, Shanker had touched the heights of name and fame. But Keshavlal was also an equal match to Shanker. He was always in a look out for an opportunity to teach Shanker a lesson for his life. And one day, he really succeeded in pushing his evil designs forward.
"You are to avenge not the death, but the murder of your father". The last words of Shanker fell like a bolt form the blue on Mohan and stirred him violently from the depth of his being.
Ajay- a graduate now, waged a head-long war with the zeal of a crusader against the anti-social and anti-national elements. Consequently, he became an eye-sore to Keshav who decided to eliminate him from his path and this job was entrusted to Mohan.
Thus a fierce battle of principles started for the defence of their cherished aims and ideals. In this endless conflict of evil and good were implanted Rekha and Kiran being constantly tossed up and down by an unabating upsurge of love and hatred. And above all, there was a mother like a helpless Kunti watching tearfully the sad crusade between her sons.
What happened thereafter? Could these brothers, treading opposite paths, find a common ground to stand upon? Could a loving mother who wanted to embrace her sons, get her wish fulfilled finally...?
See this all in KARMAYOGI. 

(From the official press booklets)