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Dhoti Lota Aur Chowpatty (1975)

  • LanguageHindi

Bombay, a cosmopolitan city, gave shelter to Girdhari who came here with only one Lota and Dhoti. He used to sell drinking water on Chowpatty beach. Hard labour and honesty brought him fortune and one day he became a multi-millionaire. Girdhari had two children-Ramesh and Roopa, who lost their beloved mother at an early age. Their aunt brought them up. The children were spoilt due to too much love and affection given to them by their aunt and father. Roopa became very crazy for acting in films and Ramesh became a play-boy. Mohan Choti educated but without any job used to fool car owners to earn his livelihood to support his mother and only college going sister. One day, he came across Girdhari Seth's car in which his sister was sitting. She took Mohan Choti to Sethji who employed him as his driver. Mohan proved to be very faithful and honest worker and he became just a family member.
Ranjeet, a street vagabond and a polished blackmailer brought one innocent village girl to the city with a false promise of marrying her. He took her to Ramesh for immoral purposes to squeeze money from Sethji. She understood the trick played by Ranjeet. She runs away to commit suicide but was saved by one Santani (devotee) who is actually a ring leader of big smuggler's gang. Ultimately the girl joints the gang. Ranjeet came in contact with Roopa whom he gave false promises for giving her chance to enter into films. So, one day Roopa runs away with Ranjeet with lot of money. Ranjeet tries to rape Roopa but got saved by a servant who lost his life for this noble act. Ranjeet runs away and Roopa gets arrested for the murder. Ranjeet joints the gang of Santani and Jaggu. Thus Sethji's reputation is spoiled.
What happened to Roopa?
What about the poor girl Rajni?
What part  Mohan played in saving Sethji's prestige?
What is the fate of Ranjeet?
Answer to all these questions can be seen in DHOTI LOTA AUR CHOWPATTY.