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Khalifa (1976)

  • LanguageHindi

Rajendra, leaving the product of his sin in the lap of Kamla decamped with all her jewellery and the complete saving of her life. Kamla committed suicide, Bikram swore that the hands with which he had carried the dead body of his sister, with the same hands he would one day hold the dead body of Rajendra.
From one black deed to another, Rajendra went down in life. From Rajendra he changed his name into Rajesh and from Rajesh to Kumar. Promising marriage to girls of rich families, he started looting them with both hands.
This and many other such evil acts he began to perform for a gang of criminals. This gang was headed by a man named Dharma. Dharma's own son Vinod had left him the very day when he came to know that his father was not a respectable member of the society but a criminal.
Soon Vinod was able to stand on his own legs and he was struggling for an honourable existence through hard work and honest labour. Meanwhile, Rajendra was trying to double-cross Dharma and take away all his ill-gotten booty. Rajendra resembled Vinod very much in looks and that is why Rajendra was successful in implicating Vinod and making the honest young man face the music for all the crimes and sins which he never committed but which were actually prepetrated by Rajendra. So clever was Rajendra's manipulation that even Vikram was fooled and mistaking Vinod to be Rajendra, decided to murder him.
Now Vinod was trying to save his life from murderous attempts and Rajendra kidnapped Rekha. Rekha was the same girl whom Vinod loved and it was Vinod's dream to marry her one day and to live a happy and peaceful life with her. Rekha, mistaking Rajendra to be Vinod, voluntarily went with him.
But Rajendra made one mistake. He forgot that just as he was benefited because of his resemblance to Vinod, this resemblance could also benefit the police. To catch the real criminal, how the police used Vinod who proved to be the master mind-this you will witness on the screen.

(From the official press booklets)