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Ganga Ki Saugand (1978)

  • Release Date1978
  • GenreDrama, Action
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Run Time171 min
  • Length4674.72 meters
  • Number of Reels18
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number86734
  • Certificate Date07/02/1978
  • Shooting LocationK Asif Studios, Mohan Studios, Natraj Studios, Chandivili, Filmistan, Mehboob Studios, Swati Studio

Jeeva, a handsome and well built, simple village youth who used to take cattles for grazing in the jungle after paying homage to the God and Goddess and taking blessings of his mother. Dhania, the beautiful and vivacious daughter of Kalu, the cobbler was in love with Jeeva. The grazing fields and bank of Ganga were their love tryst.

Kalu was obeyed and respected as elder of the village. The villagers affectionately called him ’Kalu Chacha’. The zamindar of the village was kind and considerate towards his people. Suddenly, the zamindar became seriously ill and sent for his son, Jaswant Singh and daughter Jayshree to look after his affairs. As Jaswant Singh and Jayshree arrived in the village the tranquility and peace of village was disturbed. Jaswant Singh started casting amorous looks towards the village girls. He attempted to outrage the modesty of the young and innocent girls. He also did not spare Champa, the daughter of one of his servant Kehsavram.

Champa, a victim og Jaswant’s villainy could not bear the shame of facing village people and her father, committed suicide. Jayshree was infatuated by Jeeva’s charms and made every effort and every vile to attract his attention, but Jeeva ignored her completely. After the death of Bade zamindar, Jaswant came into full power. He deprived the cultivators of their lands.

One day Jeeva saved Dhania from clutches of Jaswant Singh, who was trying to outrage her modesty, and gave a severe beating to Jaswant. Another time he saw Jaswant Singh beating his mother who was working in the Haveli. He rushed to rescue her but he had a tough fight with Jaswant and Bhanwar Singh, his body guard.

When Jeeva’s mother, Rambatti narrated the story of reasons for her working in haveli, Jeeva went to Maniram the shahular and demanded the account of his mother. In anger he tore out the bhahi khatas. Maniram complained to Jaswant. Pandit Kashinath, Maniram and Jaswant Singh chalked out a plan to expatriate Jeeva. Jeeva was banished by panchayat on the charge of cow murder. Rambatti and Jeeva were forced by lathies to leave the village. Rambatti died during his journey. Jeeeva put the ashes of his mother in the holy water of Ganga Maiyya and took an oath taking Holy Gangajal in his hand to take revenge from his enemies and went to deep forest.

Jeeva emerged with new shape and vigour and smashed every scheme of Jaswant.

Kalu lead the caravan to a new deserted place to build a new basti with new spirit of honesty. Government allotted free land to the displaced cultivators and granted loan to meet their basic needs of agriculture.

Jaswant on getting the news of Govt. aid attacked new basti impersonating as Jeeva and looted cash and kidnapped Dhania.

Kalu went to Jeeva and rebuked him and demanded the money and his daughter Dhania. Jeeva pleaded ignorance about cash and Dhania.

But Kalu did not believe Jeeva’s statements. Jeeva immediately rushed to Surya Mahal to rescue Dhania and to prove his innocence.

Could Jeeva prove his innocence?
Was Jeeva able to fulfill his oath?
Could Jeeva rescue his beloved Dhania?

For all these answers you see Sultan Productions mighty drama “GANGA KI SAUGAND”.

(From the official press booklet)



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