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Hum Dono (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

RAJA is a Flamboyant Extravagant and reckless character who believes in making money by all means fir of foul. But anyway he is a small timer, whatever he gains, he loses in gamble.
One day just by chance he sees his duplicate in a very costly imported car. He follows the man on a bicycle and ultimately losses the track - but not for long, luck favours him and he comes to know that the man is a well to do doctor - Circumstances too favour him and very soon and quite safely he implants himself as doctor and henceforth laugh, roit starts - non-stop. Scene after scene keeps you on edge. Can you imagine when a street gonda is placed on doctor's chair what will happen next?
Every scene is revealed in such a hilarious manner that one bursts into laughter.
The doctor who was being wooed by a millionaire's successfully is just marvelled on seeing the doctor in reverse mood and responds favourably.
A doctor who in dramatic way is put in Raja's house is confronted with Raja's neighbour girl Rani. She is surprised to see her Raja (doctor) transform into a good obeying man.
This is not just a comedy of errors but also a hilarious story of mistaken identity. A life time chance one cannot afford to miss deliberately.
See for yourself those unimaginable situations "HUM DONO".