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Gautam Govinda (1979)

  • LanguageHindi

"Gautam" and "Govinda" - Two sons of an ambitious Mother, of the same soil - same Motherland, live apart for years till they grow and meet with different social values, culture and thoughts.

Gautam has lived an urban life under the shelter of Priest and today he is known as one of the most honest but angry Police Officer who hates criminals by nature. He gets transferred to a remote deserted village known as Dharampur where one to all are criminals, outlaws and refuse to allow any Police Station to be posted there.

The uneducated, poor, innocent people have been exploited as slaves by an uncrowned King called Raja Dhurendra Singh who never allows them to know anything about law and human rights.

Govinda, the leader of villagers and hunchman of Raja, is deputed to throw away Gautam who has accepted the challenge of posting a Police Station in the village and to let them know their human rights and their duties for their motherland.

Govinda has been a terror for the villagers but a spoiled beloved son of his Mother Ganga - one and only ambitious woman in the village who always look forward for some strong man to come to uplift the village and one day she meets the right man - Inspector Gautam. Gautam finds Ganga as his own Mother - but has to remain quiet to fulfill his Mission and to make himself worthy of his Mother's Ambition.
A terrific dramatic turn takes place in the life of Gautam, Ganga, Govinda and villagers of Dharampur.

Whether Gautam tells his mother about his identity?
What happens to the enmity of Govinda when he meets his Brother Gautam?
What happens to the Mission of Gautam in this world of outlaws?
How one man Commission of Gautam brings a revolt in the village against the Imperialism of Raja Dhurendra Singh?

The Greatest emotional saga of a Mother and her two sons with different approach.
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