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Karz (1980)

  • LanguageHindi

Man is unjust, But God is just 
and Justice finally triumphs.
Mukta Films "Karz' is a story of reincarnation with two different faces.
A story of Ravi Varma, the son of a rich and respected family of Ooty, who is murdered by his newly wedded wife, Kamini while driving through his Tea estate on the very next day after their marriage. Kamini has done the job ordered by Sir Juda, who is Ravi Varma's late father's partner.
But she does not stop there. Ravi Varma's widowed mother and young sister are forced to leave their palace by the selfish and unscrupulous Kamini to fend for themselves in this cruel world. Sir Judas plan is complete, and his partners' huge estate is now in his hands.
Twenty years later Monty as super singing, sensation, heart throb of millions comes to Ooty in search of Tina the girl whom he had seen only once at a party and with whom he has fallen in love at first sight.
Monty is going through a strange phenomenon on playing particular notes on his guitar. He leaps into a trance and flashes of an unknown woman killing an unknown man comes to his mind's eye. Baffeled by his case and ridiculing the theory of re-incarnation, doctors have advised him complete rest.
In Ooty, Monty meets his Tina and her uncle Kabira, a good hearted ruffian who approves of Monty. Froliking and singing through the beautiful hills of Ooty with Tina, Monty sees the very same location which he had seen in those traumatic flashes.
Monty is shattered by the realisation that he is the reincarnation of Ravi Varma, the unknown man he had seen being murdered with a Jeep in his mental flashes and the murderess is none other than the woman who was his wife in his previous birth.
Electrifying situation arise.
When Monty meets Kamini as Kamini Devi, the queen of Ooty for the first time.
When he is confronted by his only sister of his previous life in the form of a haggard and poverty stricken maid servant.
When he meets his beloved mother as a deaf and dumb and broken old woman living in slums.
What does he do to avenge his (Ravi Varma) murder and clear the debts he owed his mother and sister in previous life.
Important questions the answers to which are unfolded in Mukta films musical extravaganza Karz, directed by Subhash Ghai in an inimitable heartwarming style.

(From the official press booklets)